Love’s Not Worth 32 Miles

I am trying to figure out how someone who is looking for love and wants to settle down wouldn’t be willing to drive 32 miles for the possibility of true love.  True, dating is not a guarantee but neither is anything else in this life.  So… if you like someone enough when they are 10 miles away how do you stop liking or making an effort when they move an additional 22 miles away?  That like was definitely anything anything but that. It was lust (and maybe this is too much credit) and convenience.  Kudos who make their relationship last or even attempt to make it last with oceans between them.
I personally would go hundreds and thousands of miles for the one I loved.   And if we were new into the relationship and there was the possibility of eternal bliss, I’d definitely not give up on happily ever after just because I’d be driving for hours in bad traffic.  ‘Cause in my mind, love is definitely worth the sacrifice.


Anniversary Wishes

Through trials and triumphs
it is love that brings people together
and it is destiny that joins two hearts
which begin to beat as one.
Many people search a lifetime
to find that special someone
some never accomplish this task.
But others get lucky in love
because, like you, they find their other half
Adding sugar to the ingredients of life.
Not everyone gets a chance at loving someone
and having that love returned
not everyone is as fortunate as you have been.
May the sweet abundance of love
always be present in your everyday.
May the Lord Bless you two
and keep you happy and healthy
with the presence of
a smile on your lips
a twinkle in your eyes
dollars in your pockets
laughter in your hearts
and happy memories to look back upon.

Love Affair: Right or Wrong?

If once upon a time you fell in love and that love was returned but for so many stupid reasons, the fairy tale romance was disturbed and interrupted but years later you had the chance to pick up where you left off… would you take this chance?
What if he/she was committed to someone else at the moment?
What if you were married?
What if the only way to be together was to have an affair?  Obligations didn’t permit for either or both of you to leave your significant other?
In the case of ‘true love’ or ‘soul mates’ is a love affair excusable?  Is it right if it’s with the right guy/girl?
Do matters of the heart take precedence over morals and fairness and that which is just?