A Man with Needs (by guest author)

Why is it that some guys think they are the only ones with needs for sexual attention?  Why assume that a woman does not have desires and/or fantasies? Why focus only on that which is pleasing to him and not his partner as well?  I ask because
I am, at the moment, dating a man who, from the start, has expressed his sexual desires which could maybe amount to that of a wild beast.  His hugs turn to caresses and make out sessions leading to touching and exploring.  And then with self will and restraint I have to stop us from going any further (because we have just met).
I suggested we take things slow (1 day at a time) to which he responded ‘I’m a man with  needs.’  Well, I’m sorry if this may come as a shock but I have needs to.  Whether sexual, emotional or mental, I have needs.  And maybe the drive for sex is a lot more powerful than that of his.  Maybe it’s a bit toned down.  Regardless of how hot and heavy or not, the desire is still there.  But he’s not made a point of inquiring if I too want something more or less out of our relationship that is just barely blooming.  He’s not asked if I like a touch here or there or if his kisses are breathtaking or if his touch burns my flesh.  Do I get butterflies or do I not feel anything at all?  Am I turned on by his whispers?  Do his eyes seduce me enough to want to lose my mind and self control? He hasn’t cared to ask so I don’t know.  I wonder about it but it’s pushed off to the back of the mind because there is so much more going on in trying to please him that I forget all about me and my wants.
He wants the sex.  Because he’s got needs.  As do I.  But I am staying cool and in control.  Because I do not want an unplanned pregnancy and I do not believe in abortion as form of birth control.  So if I can control my hormones, why can’t he?!?