Stick around or run for the hills?

Ok, so I need assistance and guidance from my readers to help me help a friend decode a guy and his mixed signals/language (silent and/or not).
I think there’s a lot of red flags about him.  But I want to know what others think because maybe I am looking at this wrong.

What she knows about him: 
age – mid 40s
occupation – consultant
status – divorced (in court battles currently)

The red flags:
probably broke ’cause of his divorce and/or court/attorney fees
always wants her to accommodate (meet him here/there)
in about 1 month of ‘getting to know one another’ has only offered cup of Starbucks coffee
hasn’t officially asked her out (not 1 date)
talks constantly about him and his plans (not set in stone)
expects her to take him out for his birthday
‘coincidently’ was at the same place as her at the same time but didn’t stop by to say hi
doesn’t call, only texts