Sorrow in my Heart

I think I know why there’s so much sorrow in my heart
Once upon a time it used to belong
Had a place to call home
A lover to claim for its own.
Now it beats but without a purpose
Longing for many yesterdays of long ago
This heart of mine yearns for someone to fill its void.
I smile at friends, strangers and family
I laugh at the not so funny jokes
I act as though everything is alright
I pretend day in and day out
Hoping soon this pretense will come to a stop.
So they don’t see the hurt deep within
I say I’m not looking
I’m fine with not having anyone
It’s ok that I’m not a mom
I’ve still got so many kids in my life.
I’ve got blessings all around
I am thankful for all I have
But still…
There’s something missing
So I’m hollow deep inside.
Long ago I bargained
Gave up on the love of my life
For the happy of someone else.
I didn’t realize then just how much it would hurt
Didn’t think I’d cry this many tears
Wouldn’t be over the heartache after all these years.
I don’t want to grow old and bitter
Being alone can do that to a person I’m told
I don’t want cats or plants or anything other than great love
I can do without the big house and fancy car
Diamonds and rubies won’t please my salvaged heart
All I want, all I need
Is someone to unconditionally love
Someone that loves me back
Before I’m completely overtaken by the
Sorrow in my heart.


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