You like me… I don’t like you

In my thirty plus years, I’ve come across many different people some of which are still so very near and dear to my heart and others who, thank goodness, no longer are a part of my mainly predictable life.  Among the many, there have been men who have been rather significant in one way or another and there have also been those that were just not what I needed, wanted or cared to have around.  And so we parted ways.  Sometimes I remember one or two from the past and I wonder what if… Or what is he doing now?  Married with kids?  Single still, like me?  Alive and well?
So with this in mind… Here’s a bit of something about a guy I don’t care to see again. Yet, I wish him well in his endeavors.
I recently met a man (mid thirties) who is “quirky” (as he likes to describe himself) with a somewhat dry sense of humor and no real sense of where he is going.  I mean, yes, he had a goal (becoming a writer) but in the meantime he wasn’t really doing much else but waiting tables.  No fence to all the waiters and waitresses… if I thought I’d do great, I’d have worked as one too, but waiting tables (part time) is not going to pay the bills, the mortgage and send the kids to college.  I think what bothered me most is that he’d been doing that for over a decade and if by now he hasn’t made it as a big time screen play writer, then maybe he should look into other options as a means of a steady income.  Besides the job I didn’t like the fact that he was also cheap, somewhat disrespectful (1st date and already a potty mouth?), prefers I drive (what am I, a cabbie?) and no chivalry.  Yeah… I’m single and looking for love but I’m not desperate.  I deserve a lot more than this guy has or is willing to offer.


One thought on “You like me… I don’t like you

  1. Ugh. There are so many manchild type guys out these days. WTF?!

    Bring back the 1930-40s! Men back then knew about chivalry, bravery and pride with zero qualms about getting dirty and taking the lead.

    I swear we’re not asking too much, perhaps we’re just in the wrong era?

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