Does Love Conquer All?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about past, present and future love trials and triumphs.  Whether it is mine or someone else’s the one thing I’ve learned is that love doesn’t always conquer all.  As unfortunate as it is, it doesn’t always win out on the evil that lurks near by waiting for the chance to break a heart.  Nor does it always stand the test of time with so much drama surrounding it.  However, what love does do is mend a broken heart, say a prayer day and night, breathe new life into another’s soul, bring happiness and hope, sacrifice its own beat to ensure a future for one that’s its own.  Sometimes when a love is pure and true, it can withstand any and all complications.  Sometimes the darkness that is against it is so great that even the greatest love story gets an unhappy ending.  This is when I lost faith and I swear to never love again.  But how could I possibly say no to someone who is kind and understanding, shows affection and cares too much.  How could I reject a heart that’s loving, supportive and determined to win me over?


Love is Patient

i suppose the verse in the bible is true because right now my patience is being tried.  And as frustrating as it is to love someone not have them by your side, it is comforting to know that eventually you will be together.  After a long wait, you will once again be reunited.  And as much as I’d like to yell and scream and nag, and I do do almost all three, I am content with having to wait.  My heart is stable and my mind is focused. I am patient. I know that though I’m not getting what I desire now, this love is going to be everlasting and true.  And soon enough mine. By my side. Holding my hand, whispering sweet nothings and kissing me goodnight.  For that for a lifetime…. I am willing to wait just a bit more.  Love is patient after all. 

Missing You 

I miss you 

It’s crazy that I do 

But I do miss you

Like a witch without her broom

A lamp without its genie

A fish out of water

A Cupid without its bow and arrow

A sun without shine

I miss you

Like Pooh without his honey

A harp without a tune

A car without wheels 

A fly without wings 

I miss you. 


Love, Honor & Respect

Though I’ve never been married before, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea as to how to be a good wife.  And mother.  And friend.  And lifetime partner to my significant other. Many times marriage is painted as black and white but from what I gather, it is anything but.  It’s sometimes shades of grey and sometimes so vividly colorful that there’s no hint of black or white.  Most important of so many things to have within the marriage are love, honor and respect.  But mutual not just one sided.  Compassion, compromise and understanding are also great things and nurture a marriage.  Independence and respect go a long way as well.   I think these things now and though it maybe isn’t a good thing to admit to, I do in my head judge couples when I see one or both portraying their dislike or hurt in public.  I hope that when married I will remember love, honor and respect and will be devoted, kind hearted and not easily angered.  I sure hope that my marriage will be colorful and bright and if there must be a color other than brights and neons, that there is just a bit of grey where we argue about my man wearing a tie to a social event or not.  I hope that love, honor and respect will go a long way in my marriage.

Dear Future Husband

I don’t know how to express what it is that you mean to me.  You are such an amazing person and have blessed me since your appearance in my life.  I didn’t know it when we first met, but I know now that you are my one true love.  Yes, I’ve loved before and I thought I would never love again, but  here I am loving you unconditionally.  I am so glad I was wrong.  You are not like any other.  You give me a purpose and you brighten my days.  It took me a lot longer than it took you, but I love you.  I will love you for always.  You are in my heart and will remain there always.  I miss you terribly because you are far away.  And I cannot wait until you and I are reunited again for always.  I cannot wait to begin living this life with you by my side.

The Heart that Beats Lives On

My heart aches now but it’s a different kind of hurt
It’s one caused by the distance between us
And the lonely hours that have turned to many days since I saw you last.
I miss you; I wanna be close to you
But I know that it’s impossible now
We’ve got a long way to go before we can reunite
So many hurdles, so many hoops to jump through
So many battles that are before us.
I hope and I pray that we will endure the trials ahead
I think you are right
If we believe then we will achieve
The prize is too great for us to give up this fight
I know in my heart that our love will endure
The time will come where the tears I cry will be happy
You will be by my side
My comfort, my rock, my true love
The answer to so many of my prayers.
You’ve given me reasons to once again dream
You’re my happily ever after
I will love you until the end of time
And forever you will be in my heart.