Love at Last

Through numerous trials, heartache and tons of tears I’d lost all hope of everlasting and true love.  But now (knock on wood) I’ve finally found the  one that makes this life worth living, myself feel appreciated and the world much more beautiful. I’m at the beginning stages of my soon to be happily ever after.  It’s going to be the tough I know. It’s going to take much effort, hard work and dedication not because we like to argue or anything like that but because he and I are both going to start from the bottom up together. Maybe that’s good. We are going to get to the top together. Start out with nothing and work our way towards somethings amazing. And when we have accomplished greatness, we will appreciate it more. Here’s to our success and a lifetime of happiness, love, greatness and being healthy.


Love is a BattlefieldĀ 

If there’s a thing or two I’ve learned about love, it’s that it’s definitely a place where compromise, understanding and compassion come into great use. It isn’t easy like you fall in love and that’s a guaranteed happily ever after. No, to get to this happily ever after, not one, but two have to be willing, giving and receiving. And there must be no room for intruders or those who wish to wreck what the couple’s trying to build. Otherwise, there will be lost love. 

Wedding PlanningĀ 

I have to say that no matter how many birthdays, weddings, baptisms and such one might plan, it is always so much more difficult when it is his/her own. 

Just thinking about all the aspects of a wedding is enough to drive one crazy. And then to make sure that you’ve not forgotten to put anyone important on the guest list and to be certain that the food and drink choices are the best, the kids will be entertained, the parents pleased, the dress gorgeous and you absolutely beautiful. 

All the drama for an affair that lasts less than 24 hours? Is it really worth it? Yes! Because the wedding is the prelude to a marriage which we hope is in itself beautiful, happy, life long and full of everlasting love. 

So here’s to a fun and stress free wedding planning šŸ˜€