Trouble in Paradise

This love was supposed to be perfect; my so called happily ever after but all it is is problem after problem, constant arguments and rare bittersweet moments. You always belittle me making me feel incompetent and stupid and not   capable of anything worthwhile. You insult me constantly. There’s a flaw in everything I say and do. You don’t approve of who I was before we got together and you’re demanding I mold into what’s acceptable to you. You’ve set rules and regulations making me a prisoner in my own home. I am no longer entitled to my own opinions, thoughts and/or feelings. I certainly am not allowed to express them. Should I disagree with you there’s a price to be paid. I am tired of biting my tongue while listening to your nonsense. I am questioning my love and resufor you. I have doubts. 


Blind Love Doesn’t Conquer All

It is said that love is blind 

And this blind love is all one needs

I’d have agreed with that in my younger years

Claiming to have had a love beyond measure 

But now I’m older and somewhat wiser

With numerous failures in this department 

And years of heartbreak 

I know that love is semi blind 

Picking and choosing what battles to fight 

What flaws to ignore

And what traits to attempt to change

Yes, love can be powerful and beyond measure 

Bringing compromise, peace and unity 

But with all its glory 

It is not all one needs

Love will not bring food to the table

Hunger will still be felt 

It will not pay the rent 

Landlord will still come knocking 

It might heal a wounded heart

But a doctor will not waive his fees

It might help you forgive 

But you will not forget the wrongs done against you 

It is cause for joy and celebration 

But it doesn’t stray far from pride, envy or jealousy 

Love makes us do stupid things, feeling invincible 

Love reassures us when there is reason for doubt

Love conquers battles but loses at wars

Love promises happily ever afters

But I haven’t seen one yet