Journal Entry (4-2-18)

I hate my life at home with the exception of all that involves my baby. He truly is my blessing and makes me so happy. At one point I thought I’d be happy with my husband too but no I’m not. He claims to love me but his many actions speak louder and prove otherwise. Actually he doesn’t even say he loves me. Last time he said he did it when he was 1000s of miles away and that was a response to
☀️💖🌙. I know deep down he doesn’t and he’s making an effort at this marriage because we have a baby together. He’s said so much himself.
It’s so hard with his parents. His mom especially. She’s always doing things out of spite like going through my drawers, my bags… rearranging things even though I tell her to leave things as is. She hates me and that’s fine because I’m not too crazy about her either. And based on what she’s said and what I’ve heard she’d like to break up my marriage. She’s so diffucult.