Love at Last & its Side Effects

I must say that I was so naive back when I thought I was in love. Of course I’ve come to realize that my past affairs were not love but lust, infatuation, misguided trust, undeserved respect, faithfulness and time wasted on undeserving individuals. 

Now, being happily married (knock on wood), I see just what love is all about. I cannot imagine a life without my wonderful significant other. This man has brightened my days and lit up my nights with the stars that are in his eyes. He makes me grin ear to ear, laugh out loud, dream of greater things and desire to be someone better. With him by my side, I feel I can accomplish plenty and reach goals I set long ago. 

He is very compassionate, caring, attentive and a truly amazing human being. He’s dedicated, determined and just plain awesome. 

I feel blessed to have him as my life partner, father of the children we will some day have, and the man that I am going to share the rest of my days and nights with. 

I pray that we never part ways, we always have room to forgive one another’s error (because no one is perfect), and that we have many decades of wedded bliss; happy, healthy, together and always and forever in love with one another.

Love Letter

My Love, 

I’ve missed you terribly. You’re all I think about. I wish I could hold you, hug you and taste your sweet kisses again. Yet you are 1000s of miles away and the distance is too much to bear at times. I love you with all my heart. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my days, months, years, whatever it might be, with you. You have brightened my days, given me new hopes, dreams and a purpose. You’ve mended my broken heart. You’ve loved me with no hesitation, expectation or indication of wanting more than I can give. I cannot wait until you and I are once again united. A lifetime spent in the comfort of your warm embrace, your heart being my nestling place, is exactly where I want to be. 

Love Now and Forever, 


Love at Last

Through numerous trials, heartache and tons of tears I’d lost all hope of everlasting and true love.  But now (knock on wood) I’ve finally found the  one that makes this life worth living, myself feel appreciated and the world much more beautiful. I’m at the beginning stages of my soon to be happily ever after.  It’s going to be the tough I know. It’s going to take much effort, hard work and dedication not because we like to argue or anything like that but because he and I are both going to start from the bottom up together. Maybe that’s good. We are going to get to the top together. Start out with nothing and work our way towards somethings amazing. And when we have accomplished greatness, we will appreciate it more. Here’s to our success and a lifetime of happiness, love, greatness and being healthy.

Wedding Planningย 

I have to say that no matter how many birthdays, weddings, baptisms and such one might plan, it is always so much more difficult when it is his/her own. 

Just thinking about all the aspects of a wedding is enough to drive one crazy. And then to make sure that you’ve not forgotten to put anyone important on the guest list and to be certain that the food and drink choices are the best, the kids will be entertained, the parents pleased, the dress gorgeous and you absolutely beautiful. 

All the drama for an affair that lasts less than 24 hours? Is it really worth it? Yes! Because the wedding is the prelude to a marriage which we hope is in itself beautiful, happy, life long and full of everlasting love. 

So here’s to a fun and stress free wedding planning ๐Ÿ˜€

Missing Youย 

I miss you 

It’s crazy that I do 

But I do miss you

Like a witch without her broom

A lamp without its genie

A fish out of water

A Cupid without its bow and arrow

A sun without shine

I miss you

Like Pooh without his honey

A harp without a tune

A car without wheels 

A fly without wings 

I miss you. 


Dear Dearest One,ย 

You’ve done what you said you wouldn’t.  You’ve disappointed.  You were supposed to be good to me and to stick around.  You said you’ve got what I want, need and more.  But you too have disappeared.  I don’t understand how you’d say that you’re thinking of me and then just be gone.  I wonder if it’s a vibe I give or is it my attitude, personality, looks or just all of me combined.  I’m thinking that in matters of the heart, cuspids missed me completely.  He obviously either doesn’t care to aim directly for me or he’s just having too much fun toying with my emotions.  Maybe my hurt feelings give him an all time high. 

Afraid to Like You

I’m afraid to let the walls guarding my heart tumble down.  I’m afraid you will hurt me if I let you in.  I like you though and miss you now that you’re away. There’s butterflies in my tummy when I think of you and that’s almost all day long.  You’ve taken over my mind.  If we continue seeing each other, you might just take over my emotions and I might just fall for you.  But what if you don’t fall for me too?  What if I like then love you but you don’t feel the same way?  What if you just disappear ’cause I’m not good enough?  But what if you don’t? What if you stick around long enough to get to know the real me?  My fears, hopes, dreams, regrets and desires?  Will you be accepting of my past?  Will you be forgiving of my errors in judgment and action?