Depression Hurts

I’ve been blessed in this life
Got great family

Parents and siblings that have stood by me through thick & thin

Friends that have been my shoulder to cry on one too many times

A husband that’s attentive and claims to love me

And the greatest blessing of all 

A beautiful baby boy that’s given purpose and meaning to this life of mine 

With so much good and reasons for happy

I wonder why I’m frowning more than I am smiling 

Prisoner in My Own Home

I used to think love would set me free
Marriage was promising
Vows said would forever be sacred
Ensuring a bond sure to last a lifetime
Happily ever after guaranteed
A soul mate would never disappoint
But now I see just how wrong I was
Blind in lust, affection and was it actually love?
I didn’t stop to think of possible outcome
What would be the consequences
Because of choices I was making
Now with a band on my finger
I ponder if I’ve made the right decisions
I love him; I wanna be far from him
I can’t imagine life without him
I want to run away
I am lost; I’ve been found
I have no voice
At least none that can be heard
My likes and hobbies matter no more
That which is of interest to me
Is something trivial and stupid for him
Life was good before
Is it better now
Or is it worse
‘Cause at times I’m feeling like
A prisoner in my own home.

Dearest One

I’d like to tell you that I miss you but I fear it might be too much too soon.  I don’t know how you’d take that… maybe think I’m too needy or desperate or something else negative.  I don’t want to scare you off so I will keep quiet and keep my feelings inside.  I know we’ve only been out two times but I like you.  There’s something about you that let’s me be me without having to think twice.  I can say what’s on my mind and I can do what I feel comfortable with.  It’s so easy to talk to you.  The time just flies by.  I don’t even realize it’s past curfew and I gotta get home ’cause I’m having so much fun.  You make me want to try harder to make myself presentable.  I’m hoping you like me like I like you.  I’d like to see you again and again and again.  I don’t want you to buy me anything so that’s not why I like your company.  I don’t even fully believe some of the things… but I do believe that we can be good together.

Missing You

I’ve only known you for so little a time
But in that short while you’ve managed to crack open the door I’ve kept locked up so long
I’ve only kissed your lips just a few times
But in doing so I’ve awakened a hunger that’s craving more
I’ve only felt the warmth of your hug no more than two times
But that was enough to stir up the butterflies
And now when you’re far far away
It’s late at night
You’ve taken over my mind
Sleep is hard to come by
I’m thinking of you
Wanna be with you, wherever you are
But that’s not gonna happen tonight
So I toss and turn
Reminisce of day before last
And await anxiously ’til I see you again.

A Little bit of Heaven

When you hold me near
When you whisper sweet nothings in my ear
When you smile mischievously
When you wipe away my tears
and fight away all my fears
I get a glimpse of a little bit of heaven
and this is when my love for you grows.

When you assure me of your love
that’s undying and eternal
I believe your words to be true
When you swear on your life
Promising forever it will be you and I
When you kiss me with such hunger
and you love me with ferocity
I get a glimpse of a little bit of heaven
and this is when my love for you grows.

When I am safe in the blanket of your arms
When I am nestled against you
I am in paradise and I know
In this life with you is where I’m destined to be
When I am lost within the depths of your eyes
There is no place else I’d rather be
When I am at my best because I’ve got your love
I get a glimpse of a little bit of heaven
and this is when my love for you grows.